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Estate Vineyards

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One of the many blessings we celebrate at Chimney Rock is the remarkable diversity of soil types in our vineyards. Our winemaking team individually develops, cultivates, and harvests each unique area to maximize its potential.

In our pursuit to produce unique wines, we selected a few of the most distinctive vineyards to showcase the depth, range, and elegance of Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon. The Tomahawk, Alpine, Cardiac Hill, and Ganymede vineyards are all within a quarter-mile of each other; however, they each display remarkable and consistent individuality. Often wildly different from one another, these wines truly reflect the singular nature of the Chimney Rock estate, and it is no surprise that these wines are among the most coveted by our wine club members.

We have remarkable diversity of soil types in our vineyards and have put resources toward individually developing, cultivating, and harvesting each unique vineyard block to maximize its potential. This intensely focused hands-on approach has led to the creation of 28 distinct vineyard blocks on our property.