' Chimney Rock - Bill Terlato

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Bill Terlato

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Our family is privileged to produce Cabernet Sauvignon from Stags Leap District that rivals the best of Bordeaux. We want wine lovers to be confident they will experience an extraordinary wine when they see the Chimney Rock name on the label."

Bill worked very closely with his father for four decades and President & CEO since 1992. He carries on more than just the family name. He carries forward his father’s passion for creating and sharing wines that will stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of the world and a deep commitment to bringing these wines to the tables of the fine wine drinkers of the world.

Bill, along with his brother John, was fortunate to experience Napa in his early years, roaming through vineyards and meeting some of the great pioneers of the region with his father, Tony. These early experiences in the valley helped define Bill’s perspective on and dedication to making and sharing the great wines of the world. He, like brother John, is also committed to the sustainability of the Chimney Rock vineyards and takes every opportunity to support this ideal.

Bill Terlato