' Chimney Rock - Clone 7 Vineyard
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Clone 7 Vineyard

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Clone 7 Vineyard

The Clone 7 Vineyard is one of two mountainside vineyards at Chimney Rock. Located at the northern edge of the estate, this vineyard block is often called “Cardiac Hill” for its steep, challenging aspect. Only the hardiest Cabernet Sauvignon clones thrive in the intense sun exposure of these hills, along with the shallow, volcanic soils in this area. Our Clone 7 vines, planted in 1995 to the similarly hardy 3309 rootstock, succeed admirably, offering a muscular wine full of bright fruit flavors that easily stands alongside the most famed Napa Valley hillside wines.

This block is a perfect example of the use of “balanced vine” theory, which has been used meticulously to optimize our estate vineyards. Although this is often harvested as one contiguous block, this vineyard was planted with three different vine spacings: there is 4 feet between each vine at the top of the hill, with 6-foot vines in the center and 8-foot vines planted at the base. This variation in planting, a direct consequence of the variation in soil depth, along with VSP (vertical shoot positioning) trellising, ensures that there is ideal balance between the root size and the upper part of the plant. This results in even ripening in a block that would otherwise ripen at dramatically different intervals.

Our Clone 7 Cabernet Sauvignon skillfully displays this vineyard balance, and will please even the biggest palate while still offering a host of bright fruit flavors and silky, elegant tannins to those who typically eschew big reds. This wine will satisfy even the most discerning wine drinker.