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Terlato Family

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Our heritage of sharing the best wines of California with passionate wine drinkers goes back over a half century, and Chimney Rock Winery allows us to carry on that tradition. We invite you to experience these elegant wines from the Chimney Rock estate – and hope you enjoy them as much as our family does.

Cheers from our family to yours,

The Terlato Family

Anthony "Tony" Terlato

“Consider quality a way of life. We do."

A well-known icon in the global wine community, Tony was often referred to as one of the few wine industry individuals who has had a profound and deep impact on how and what American wine consumers drink.

He entered the wine industry in 1956 and from that time forward, dedicated his time and resources toward making and sharing the great wines of the world. Throughout his entire career, Tony was dedicated to bringing the best of Napa Valley (and beyond) to America’s dining table.

Tony pursued everything in life with unbridled passion. Once he charted a course, he was “all in”, believing that the important accomplishments of life are accompanied by extraordinary effort and tenacity. He taught his children that it takes years to build a great reputation, and they should protect that reputation with great attentiveness. This was particularly true with the purchase of Chimney Rock in 2004. From day one, Tony vowed to provide his customers with wines of great complexity and world-class character, and he dedicated himself and his family to building the reputation of this magical place.

Beloved by many, Tony peacefully passed away in June of 2020. He also passed his life-long lessons on to his children who are now are passing them along to their children. By doing so, they are keeping Tony’s values, bright spirit and commitment to quality, alive with every bottle of wine they craft ensuring Tony’s remarkable legacy will continue in Chimney Rock for generations to come.

Anthony (Tony) Terlato

Bill Terlato

“Our family is privileged to produce Cabernet Sauvignon from Stags Leap District that rivals the best of Bordeaux. We want wine lovers to be confident they will experience an extraordinary wine when they see the Chimney Rock name on the label."

Bill worked very closely with his father for four decades and has been President & CEO since 1992. He carries on more than just the family name. He carries forward his father’s passion for creating and sharing wines that will stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of the world and a deep commitment to bringing these wines to the tables of the fine wine drinkers of the world.

Bill, along with his brother John, was fortunate to experience Napa in his early years, roaming through vineyards and meeting some of the great pioneers of the region with his father, Tony. These early experiences in the valley helped define Bill’s perspective on and dedication to making and sharing the great wines of the world. He, like brother John, is also committed to the sustainability of the Chimney Rock vineyards and takes every opportunity to support this ideal.

Bill Terlato

John Terlato

"As passionate wine lovers ourselves, we take great pride in crafting wines with harmonious elegance and power that can be enjoyed today, but tell an even greater story when aged gracefully for years."

John, along with his brother Bill, was also fortunate to experience Napa in his early years, roaming through vineyards and meeting some of the great pioneers of the region with his father, Tony. He was exposed at a young age to the beauty and bounty that Napa Valley has to offer, and he is always ready and willing to enthusiastically share the bounty of the Stags Leap District with friends and visitors who drop in at the Chimney Rock winery. He is also deeply committed to the ideals of sustainability and longevity and seizes every opportunity to ensure the health, well-being, and longevity of the Chimney Rock vineyards.

John Terlato